Royal House

Official Portrait of His Serene Highness, David, PrinceBishop of The Serene Principality of Serendip, painted in the manner of Mad Men.  While HSH David has been known to enjoy a cigar once in a great while, it is not his habit.


The Monarch

HSH David enjoying the Royal gardens.

The monarch, head of state, defender of the faith, PrinceBishop and Metropolitain of the Church is David.  His Serene Highness is an absolute ruler, ruling by right, in consultation with his privy council and the Duke of Emery, by decree, proclamation and whim.  Born in 1962 and educated in the United States and the United Kingdom, His Serenity wishes only the best for his subjects and strives to rule with fairness and prosperity in mind.  When not attending to matters of State and/or the Church, HSH David is an architect, author, traveler, photographer, chef, artist, bookbinder, and wine-o.  He is a son, brother, partner, uncle, and cousin.  He is royalty.

The Royal Household

The Royal Household is in property surrounded by and coexistent with the City of Oakland in the State of California.  The household consists of HSH David, The Duke of Emery J——, and The Dowager Duchess of Emery D——.

The Duke of Emery

HSH David’s partner in life, significant other, spouse, is J——, Duke of Emery.  His Lordship is bemused by HSH David’s various hobbies and activities, but does not make light of them.  A glass of wine helps to make it all make sense.

The Dowager Duchess of Emery

The Duke of Emery’s mother, D——, is the Dowager Duchess of Emery.  She has private rooms within the Royal House, though she will venture forth for personal appearances.


The Royal Family

The Royal Family includes

HSH David, PrinceBishop of the Serene Principality of Serendip

Lord J——, Duke of Emery, HSH David’s spouse

Lady D——, Dowager Duchess of Emery, The Duke of Emery’s mother

Lady A—-, Baroness of Serendip, HSH David’s mother

Lord M—–, Baron of Serendip, HSH David’s step-father

Lord C—-, Count of Serendip, HSH David’s brother

Lady A—-, Countess of Serendip, HSH David’s sister-in-law

Lord D——-, Marquis of Serendip, HSH David’s nephew and heir apparent

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