Royal University of Serendip

SerendipityU is A-Okay!


The Royal University of Serendip, (RUoS), sometimes called SerendipityU, is the Principality’s only institution of higher education.  The University was established by Royal Decree on July 6, 2012.    The University is currently only an online institution.  The motto is “Scholarship – Integrity – Leadership”.

SerendipityU will be conferring honorary Doctoral degrees in the following subjects:

  • Arts + Letters, PhD (hons)
  • Science + Technology, PhD (hons)
  • Oenology, Doctor of Oenology (hons)
  • Theology, Doctor of Theology (hons)

Candidates for the honorary degrees will be nominated by the public and final selections will be made by HSH David.  Nominations will open some time in 2012. Our first class of honorary doctorates will be issued in early 2013.  Recipients will receive a framed doctoral diploma, a letter of congratulations and a few other collegiate goodies.  Names of recipients will be announced by the Office of The Paradox through the government Press Office.



The Royal University is not an accredited institution outside of the Principality.  All degrees are honorary and worth only the paper the diplomas might be printed on.


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