Office of The Paradox

The Office of The Paradox (OoTP) is the government of the Serene Principality of Serendip.  The Office of The Paradox is divided into four divisions: The Home Office, The Foreign Office, The Office of Culture + Tourism, and the Press Office.  As the Principality is an absolute monarchy, the OoTP carries out the decrees, proclamations, executive orders and whims of HSH David.

The Home Office (HO) tends to internal affairs of State: Finance, Justice, Law + Order, et. al. The HO is also responsible for operating the Royal Post of Serendip and the Royal University of Serendip.  At the moment the Home Office is working with HSH David to develop the Principality’s statement of domestic policies.

The Foreign Office (FO) tends to the external affairs of State: Diplomacy and international relations.  At the moment the Foreign Office is working with HSH David to redevelop the Principality’s foreign policy.

The Office of Culture + Tourism (OCT) is the public face of the Principality’s efforts to develop the Principality’s culture and works to bring our culture to a wider world. Visit the Office of Culture + Tourism page for a brief accounting of our history, a list of the Principality’s Holidays, and a gallery of the Principality’s symbols.

The Press Office (PO) is charged with development and maintenance of this website and with writing and issuing press releases for the OoTP and the Royal House.

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