Serendip Royal Post Issues New Stamp

July 13, 2012 in RPoS by princebishop

The Royal Post of Serendip (RPoS) today, July 13, 2012, issues a new stamp.  The stamp is valued at one US dollar ($1.00).  The stamp is being issued both in sheets of 24 and as singles.







The design is a photograph of a Cairn built on the shores of the San Francisco Bay on the Emeryville peninsula in late 2011.  The Cairn was one of a cluster of Cairn built by an unknown artist(s).  Building Cairn is an instinctive activity for humans.  We are driven to mark significant places.  The act of piling stones is ingrained in our genetic matter.  We believe that Cairn are significant and spiritual structures.  This cluster of Cairn was demolished by the Emeryville Department of Public Works.


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