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September 1, 2012 in Press Release by princebishop

Wine 101 by the PrinceBishop, David LociceroFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Date: September 1, 2012

Time: 11:00am

The Press Office for The Serene Principality of Serendip is pleased to announce the publication of the PrinceBishop’s second book: Wine 101: An Introduction to Wine and Wine Tasting.  Wine plays an integral part in the food culture of the Serene Principality of Serendip.  The PrinceBishop is something of an wine expert who believes that wine is not something rarefied for the rich, but a beverage and food to be enjoyed by all of legal drinking age.  More information about the book can be found here:

Even more about the book can be found at the book website.

The Kindle edition of the book is available for download free today, Saturday September 1, 2012.  After this the Kindle edition goes back to $4.95.  The paperback edition of the book is 132 pages and costs a modest $9.95 at Amazon.


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