June 30th Proclaimed A Holiday

July 2, 2012 in Holidays, Press Release by princebishop

For Immediate Release

Date: 6/30/2012

Time: 4:30pm

His Serene Highness, David, PrinceBishop of The Serene Principality of Serendip is pleased to announce, that the Serene Principality of Serendip (SPoS)  has reclaimed what had been lost and is rightfully ours: the internet territory described by the URL’s “principality of serendip dot org” and “principality of serendip dot com”.  The scurrilous louts who had claimed these as their own have forfeited their claims and we have taken the requisite actions to ensure that this internet territory remains within our control.

The Office of The Paradox (OoTP) has been charged by his Serene Highness with taking all the necessary actions to make our claim complete: establishment of an online embassy, an online ministry of state, and an online visitors center.

His Serenity further proclaims, that henceforth, in recognition of this momentous Victory in the history of the Principality, the 30th Day of June shall be known as The Reclamation and shall be a State Holiday.  The method of marking this holiday shall be determined in consultation with the Privy Council and the Royal Court.


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